Increase in A7 Alerts

It is acknowledged that there is a significant number of A7 Alerts currently being propagated throughout the EMVS.

There are numerous contributing factors involved, none of which have easy solutions.

  1. The change of configuration requested by the OBP community to forward more Alert types – this includes type A7. Previously A7 alerts remained unseen by the OBP community.
  2. A large backlog of data held on a retry queue that is now being processed at an increased rate resulting in huge quantities of old alerts, many of type A7, being propagated well after the original event that caused them originally.
  3. A change to the timestamping of events placed on the EU Hub retry queue has further worsened the issue for older A7 alerts being generated and forwarded by creating multiple alert instances from the same original event.

EMVO is currently working with our supplier to confirm that newly generated A7 Alerts will not result in a compounding effect and a further LOA will be developed in the coming days once the results from these investigations are clear.

The large backlog of events in the retry queue is clearing rapidly, and we are close to bringing the queues fully under control which will result in a marked decrease in these unwanted alert events.

As most of the events are caused by the timestamping issue creating multiple events, OBPs and NMVOs are advised to ignore any A7 alert events older than 2021. OBPs are of course unable to investigate A7 alerts given that the root causes for A7 are totally out of their control.

EMVO apologises for the increased workload these mainly historic alert events have caused and expect to have the situation under control shortly. As already stated, a further LOA will be issued within the coming days. We will continue to monitor the system and will report further shortly.

In the event of any questions or uncertainty, please do not hesitate to contact our Helpdesk.