The Alert Management System (AMS) project - Technical Documentation and Q&As

EMVO is launching the Alert Management System (AMS) project, which ultimate goal is to maximise the efficiency of alert management in the EMVS. The AMS is composed of an AMS Hub where the OBPs are directly connected to and the various National AMSs, which will allow the end to end communication between all stakeholders to investigate alerts.

EMVO will also deliver the AMS Portal, a graphical user interface that can be used by the OBPs to interact with the AMS Hub. The AMS Hub and the AMS Portal are planned to be available for piloting in Q4 2021.

Technical Documentation and Q&As

EMVO will provide you with technical documentation to guide you and support you through the connection process. Please note the documentation is currently only available as drafts and only applicable if you want to use a direct connection to the AMS Hub, and not a connection via the AMS Portal.

The documents will be available for download in your OBP Portal, in step 4.1 ‘Technical Info Pack’.

As the AMS Hub development follows an Agile and Scrum methodology, the technical documentation will be updated and shared at the end of each sprint. EMVO will also organise AMS Technical Q&A sessions, for more information please click here.