EMVO Reminder: Static IP addresses for the EU Hub

Letter of Announcement from EMVO:

In our previous announcement, we mentioned that we would be updating the Outbound IP addresses (Hub to OBP) for the different environments (ITE, IQE and PRD). As a result, these IP addresses will become static, meaning they will never change. It’s imperative that you place these new links in your whitelist and firewall settings as soon as possible. As these Outbound IP addresses will most likely change after the next EU Hub Release, it is advisable to start the process of updating them and inform your IT department or your solution provider without delay.

We request that these changes are finalised by the end of September. If this is not possible, please let us know immediately to avoid any unwanted disruption to your daily operation and workflows.


Note: You must not remove the current IP addresses for the moment; we will let you know when it is possible in the future.

In the event of any questions or uncertainty, please do not hesitate to contact the  EMVO Helpdesk.