On this page are EMVS communications provided by the EMVO, together with the actions which have been, and will be, taken to mitigate Known Issues.

All Known Issues currently being faced by the EU Hub are published on the EVI (European Medicines Verification System Information) website: https://emvo-medicines.eu/evi/

SecurMed UK recommend that all OBPs subscribe to the EVI to receive these updates via email.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact the EMVO Helpdesk Team at helpdesk@emvo-medicines.eu.

01 May

EU Release Updates

EU Hub Release 1.7.02.

1st May 2020   Referring to the Letter of Announcement from 28th April, EMVO hereby confirms the successful deployment of Release 1. 7.

30 Apr

Errors & Alerts

EMVS Alerts and Notifications

This document describes the alerts and notifications provided by the European Medicines Verification System (EMVS) to stakeholders, including National Medicines Verification Organisations (NMVOs), the European Medicines Verification Organisation (EMVO) and...

24 Apr


Preliminary root cause analysis (incident reference: INC-59107)

Regarding the recent EU Hub outage, we plan to keep you informed regularly as we progress with the root cause analysis process.

23 Apr

Errors & Alerts

Change of outbound IP addresses

23rd April 2020The outbound IP addresses of the EU Hub can dynamically change when Microsoft renews key major components within their infrastructure.

02 Apr


Consequences of Data Withdrawal & Batch recall

2nd April 2020EMVO would like to stress out once again the consequences following Product Withdrawal and Batch recall.

30 Mar

EU Release Updates

EU Hub Release 1.7 ITE and IQE confirmation

30th March 2020EMVO can officially announce that EU Hub Release 1. 7 has been successfully deployed to the Integrated Test Environment (ITE) and Integrated Quality Environment (IQE).

11 Mar


EU Commission QA Version 17

The European Commission has published a new version of the Questions & Answers document on “Safety Features for Medicinal Products for Human Use (V. 17)”.

06 Mar


Master Data Maintenance – Versioning and Retrospective Upload

6th March 2020We would like to inform you that EMVO has created a document to provide further information on how versioning and the retrospective data upload work.

03 Dec


EMVO Newsletter - November 2019

The latest newsletter from EMVO is available here to download.

21 Nov

Alert Messages: “manualentryflag” True/False

21st November 2019In an alert message, the category “manualentryflag” will read as either TRUE or FALSE.

17 Oct


Batch Recall Guidance

17 October 2019EMVO has been informed about a large number of alerts currently being caused due to incorrect actions in the event of a batch recall.

27 Sep


Verifying One Pack Per Batch

26th September 2019In order to reduce the number of alerts, EMVO recommends that wholesalers verify one pack per batch (released after 9th February) upon receipt.

06 Sep

Security Issues

OBP/MAH Security

6th September 2019EMVO has become aware of several recent and malicious attempts to gain financial and other sensitive information from OBPs under the alleged auspices of the EMVS.

26 Jul


EMVO Organisational Change

As part of EMVO’s continuous efforts to optimise efficiency and continue working towards completion of our mission, EMVO has entered into a reorganisation process.

17 Jul

Errors & Alerts

Alert Propagation

17 July 2019EMVO is contacting you to announce that EMVO plans to propagate all alerts received from the National Systems to OBPs.