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Has the password expiry changed from 90 days to 365?

Yes. SecurMed UK has configured UK MVS passwords to expire 365 days after a change.

Can a single location have multiple sets of credentials for different software solutions?

Yes. Duplicate credentials can be requested for the same location. SecurMed UK will validate the request.

Does resetting the password also require a new certificate?

No, the certificate remains valid for the user. Useful Resources:

Technical Bulletin: Certificate and Password Management Issues


Does the UK GTIN product code require 13 or 14 characters?

GTIN product codes require 14 characters. For more information, please refer to the EMVS Pack Coding Guidelines.

I am a Manufacturer – where can I find more information?

More information is available from the British Generic Manufacturers Association (BGMA).

What do I do when the NMVS returns an Alert?

Refer to your SOP and/or guidance on FMD Source or RPS. To progress the investigation of an Alert with SecurMed UK please click here.

How do I test my software solution and verify it is ready to connect to the UK MVS?

SecurMed UK’s Blueprint System provider, Arvato Systems, employ a Baseline Testing process where software suppliers must test and verify their own solutions. A package of supporting documentation is available on the NMVS Software Supplier Portal.

How do I register as a software supplier and get access to the Arvato developers toolkit (SDK)?

Software suppliers may register for the SDK on the NMVS Software Supplier Portal.

I am a Community Pharmacist. Where can I find information on the FMD that is tailored to my sector?

For more information, please visit the NHS Digital FMD Toolkit for Community Pharmacy. FMD Source, the website of the UK FMD Working Group for Community Pharmacy, is also a useful guide.

Is multi-factor authentication required?

Yes. The use of multi-factor authentication is mandated by the Delegated Regulation and has been implemented in the UK MVS using an X509 Certificate.

Will the endpoints be different for new versions of the interfaces?

Yes. New interfaces will have different endpoints, URLs may be subject to change but will remain on the same domain.

Can the initial certificate download be done via the web service?

Yes, this service is available. Useful resources:

Technical Bulletin: Certificate and Password Management Issues

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