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FMD Case Studies

FMD Case Studies

NHS Digital have collected case studies to demonstrate how Community and Hospital Pharmacies have implemented the FMD.

How long is my UKNI MVS Certificate available to download?

The UKNI MVS Certificate is only available for download for 60 days. Please store a local copy with your Password.

Who can register with SecurMed UKNI MVS?

Registration is a simple and easy process.

How do I change my initial password?

Please refer to the Quick Start Guide:

Quick Start Guide

Further information can be found in the Technical Bulletin:

Technical Bulletin: Certificate and Password Management Issues

Do veterinary Wholesalers need to comply with the FMD regulatory requirements?

Although veterinary medicines fall outside the scope of the Delegated Regulation, veterinary Wholesalers who handle human medicines to supply to veterinary surgeons need to register with SecurMed. Veterinarians and retailers of veterinary medicines were part of the MHRA consultation under Article 23.

Is the Product Code (PC) taken from the Agency or can it be taken from MAH internal database assigned by GS1?

Please refer to the European Pack Coding Guidelines at the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA).

I am a Hospital Pharmacist. Where can I find more information on FMD tailored to my sector?

For more information, please visit the NHS Digital FMD Toolkit for Secondary Care. The NHS Special Pharmacy Service website is also a useful resource for Hospital Pharmacists.

How will credentials be sent for Bulk Registrations?

Bulk Registration is for one or more Locations from one or more legal entities.

Bulk Registrations: Will each Location have unique credentials?

Bulk Registrations are suitable for multiple organisations/companies within the same legal entity at the same time. Each organisation/company will be an individual End User Location and will therefore have its own Username and UKNI MVS Certificate.

Is aggregation data available in the NMVS/EMVS?

Aggregation data is not available in the NMVS/EMVS. Off-system solutions may be available dependent on the particular supply chain system. Further guidance is expected from the UK NCAs (DHSC/MHRA) who can be contacted at fmd. safetyfeatures@mhra. gov. uk.

Are there technical standards to which the 2D codes should conform?

Data Matrix standard is Higher than ECC200, ISO/IEC 16022:2006 is presumed to conform:

Printed Quality must be rated 1.

Why is the ‘mixed bulk transaction’ not available to Wholesalers?

The ‘mixed bulk transaction’ is a bulk of individual transactions, as opposed to a single transaction applied to a bulk of packs. It should only be used to enable cached individual transactions when connectivity has been interrupted.

What do I do when the NMVS returns an Alert?

Refer to your SOP and/or guidance on FMD Source or RPS. To progress the investigation of an Alert with SecurMed UK please click here.

One hospital has several ‘goods in’ addresses. Is this a Single or Bulk Registration?

Each Location must be identifiable within the UKNI MVS. Bulk Registrations can contain one or more Locations from one or more legal entities.

Is it possible for Software Suppliers to register their clients without an agreement for the FMD service?

It is not recommended. It is necessary for the person registering to accept the terms and conditions of the EULA, which could not be justified without an agreement in place.              

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