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Bulk Registrations: Will each Location have unique credentials?

Bulk Registrations are suitable for multiple organisations/companies within the same legal entity at the same time. Each organisation/company will be an individual End User Location and will therefore have its own Username and UK MVS Certificate.

What is the MHRA FMD guidance?

Visit the MHRA FMD guidance. To sign up to the MHRA’s FMD Safety Features Newsletter, please contact the MHRA.

I have tried to reset my Password but have not received the reset email. What should I do?

Your reset email has been sent to the UK MVS contact email address you provided at End User Registration. Please check the Junk folder. If you provided the email address of your Software Supplier, please contact them to retrieve the reset email.

Has the password expiry changed from 90 days to 365?

Yes. SecurMed UK has configured UK MVS passwords to expire 365 days after a change.

How does a company affiliate to GS1?

Contact the GS1 organisation in your respective country or at www. gs1. org/contact

Are medical devices in the scope of serialisation?

If the medicine associated with a device has an MA and is included in the list or products within scope (virtually all POMs) then under the FMD, it should be labelled with safety features.

How many manufacturers are now supplying codes to SecurMed UK?

Product, Batch and Pack data started being transmitted to the UK MVS when SecurMed UK was connected to the European Hub (EMVS) on 31st October 2018. Data for millions of packs is already downloaded.

Do we need to implement bulk transactions in our Wholesaler software?

We expect Wholesaler solutions to include bulk transactions and the baseline testing process includes single and bulk transactions. If you feel that your use case does not warrant bulk transactions contact tech@securmed. org. uk to confirm.

Hospital Pharmacies in Wales are not necessarily registered with GPhC. If not, which registration body should be used for End User Registration?

All Pharmacies will be registered with the relevant professional or sectoral body, such as the CQC in England, HIS in Scotland, GPhC, CIW or HIW in Wales, and PSNI or similar in Northern Ireland.

What are the mixed-bulk transactions?

The G195 – Mixed Bulk process is used to submit a cache of individual transactions that have buffered while connection to the NMVS has been interrupted.

I am a Community Pharmacist. Where can I find information on the FMD that is tailored to my sector?

For more information, please visit the NHS Digital FMD Toolkit for Community Pharmacy. FMD Source, the website of the UK FMD Working Group for Community Pharmacy, is also a useful guide.

Will the existing endpoints be available for testing purposes following the release of new endpoints?

Yes the existing endpoints will be available for a period, but you should develop your software at the earliest opportunity to the new version. Two versions of endpoints will be available at all times for backwards compatibility

Does resetting the password also require a new certificate?

No, the certificate remains valid for the user. Useful Resources:

Technical Bulletin: Certificate and Password Management Issues


What do I do when the NMVS returns an Alert?

Refer to your SOP and/or guidance on FMD Source or RPS. To progress the investigation of an Alert with SecurMed UK please click here.

What is Peppol?

Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine (PEPPOL) enables government organisations such as the NHS, and private companies, to exchange electronic trading documents over an interoperable, European-wide network. It offers a standardised network connection for electronic ordering, invoicing and shipping. For more information, please visit NHS Scan4Safety.

Does the EMVS and UK MVS cater for multi-market packs labelled and supplied to UK and Ireland?

Yes. Multi-market packs can be supplied to the UK, Ireland and Malta. The EMVS will know when multi-market packs are uploaded, which systems to send the pack data to, and will also manage the decommissioning activity between them.

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