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When using Bulk Registration for onboarding Locations, can our organisation/company or Software Supplier provide authorisation on behalf of all Locations in a single notification?

Authorisation is required from each legal entity, for all its Locations. If you submit a Bulk Registration for multiple legal entities, the EULA can only be accepted once for each entity, so please ensure you have permission from each of them before submission.

What is the MHRA FMD guidance?

Visit the MHRA FMD guidance. To sign up to the MHRA’s FMD Safety Features Newsletter, please contact the MHRA.

How to progress the analysis of an Alert?

Request from a Pack-In-Hand actor

In order for us to proceed with the analysis please download and complete the PiH_Alert data request form  and return it along with photos of the pack (if you still have it).

I want to register multiple locations?

To register one or more Locations from one or more legal entities, select the Bulk Registration process when you have logged onto our Portal.

Is supply-side aggregation only being considered for hospitals?

Aggregation for Hospitals has been considered by stakeholders but will not be implemented in the near term (3-5 years).

How do MAHs onboard to the FMD?

There are two processes MAHs must complete to onboard for FMD:

1. Onboard to the European Medicines Verification Organisation(EMVO)

All MAHs must onboard to the EMVO to be able to upload pack information to the UK MVS.

Does the UK GTIN product code require 13 or 14 characters?

GTIN product codes require 14 characters. For more information, please refer to the EMVS Pack Coding Guidelines.

I have tried to reset my Password but have not received the reset email. What should I do?

Your reset email has been sent to the UK MVS contact email address you provided at End User Registration. Please check the Junk folder. If you provided the email address of your Software Supplier, please contact them to retrieve the reset email.

Bulk Registrations: Will each Location have unique credentials?

Bulk Registrations are suitable for multiple organisations/companies within the same legal entity at the same time. Each organisation/company will be an individual End User Location and will therefore have its own Username and UK MVS Certificate.

If stock is transferred from one nominated site to another, does the receiving site have to conduct full checks of the stock?

If stock is transferred within the same designated Wholesaler or to another designated Wholesaler, then there is no need for packs to be verified under FMD. Normal GDP rules apply.

Does the EMVS and UK MVS cater for multi-market packs labelled and supplied to UK and Ireland?

Yes. Multi-market packs can be supplied to the UK, Ireland and Malta. The EMVS will know when multi-market packs are uploaded, which systems to send the pack data to, and will also manage the decommissioning activity between them.

I am a Manufacturer – where can I find more information?

More information is available from the British Generic Manufacturers Association (BGMA).

I am a Community Pharmacist. Where can I find information on the FMD that is tailored to my sector?

For more information, please visit the NHS Digital FMD Toolkit for Community Pharmacy. FMD Source, the website of the UK FMD Working Group for Community Pharmacy, is also a useful guide.

How do I register as a software supplier and get access to the Arvato developers toolkit (SDK)?

Software suppliers may register for the SDK on the NMVS Software Supplier Portal.

Is it possible for Software Suppliers to register their clients without an agreement for the FMD service?

It is not recommended. It is necessary for the person registering to accept the terms and conditions of the EULA, which could not be justified without an agreement in place.              

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