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What is the EMVO and how can I contact them?

The European Medicines Verfication Organsiation (EMVO) is a Belgian non-profit organisation representing stakeholders united in securing the legal supply chain from falsified medicines. For more details go to their website.

Do MAHs interact with the UK national hub for downloading pack data?

No. The MAH should upload the pack data to the EMVS, which will determine which packs need to be sent to the UK national hub. The EMVS is the master system of record for MAH pack data.

Can one End User register several times but for different Software Suppliers?

Yes, you can register the same End User Location for different Software Suppliers. However, this will appear as a duplicate, so we will contact you to ensure there are not errors.

Change of Location

Please advise us of any changes to location, you can call us or email us.

Change of Ownership

Please email or call us so that we can guide you through this process.   

t: 0203 855 0656

e: help@securmed. org. uk


Change of Software Supplier

Please advise us of any change to the software supplier / application you use to access FMD, either by email or phone.

Change to End User contact details

We hold the following contact details, which can be the same person;

Primary contact  - this is our main contact for the location
NMVS contact - this is an email contact for MVS system messages, reset password links and new TAN certificates
We will need the following information:


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