On this page are EMVS communications provided by the EMVO, together with the actions which have been, and will be, taken to mitigate Known Issues.

All Known Issues currently being faced by the EU Hub are published on the EVI (European Medicines Verification System Information) website: https://emvo-medicines.eu/evi/

SecurMed UK recommend that all OBPs subscribe to the EVI to receive these updates via email.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact the EMVO Helpdesk Team at helpdesk@emvo-medicines.eu.

16 Jun

Update: Renewal of EU Hub Public Certificates & alert endpoints - EMVO Letter of Announcement

As communicated in the Letter of Announcement shared on 26th April, the public certificates used by the EU Hub to send alerts will be updated on June 27th.

23 May

Alert Management System (AMS) – Pilot Phase and Information Sessions

EMVO is delighted to announce that the Pilot phase of the Alert Management System (AMS) project has started as planned on October 4th.

06 Apr

Renewal EU Hub Certificates & Alert endpoints - EMVO LOA

Please find the link here to EMVO's latest Letter of Announcement

23 Mar


EU Commission QA - Version 19

The European Commission has published a new version of the Questions & Answers document on “Safety Features for Medicinal Products for Human Use (V. 19)”.

09 Feb

The European Medicines Verification System’s three-year anniversary

Today marks the third anniversary of the European Medicines Verification (“EMVS”) System Go-live. This unique system ensures patient safety by detecting falsified medicines in the legal supply chain.

23 Aug

Clarifying the uploading requirements for packs intended for supply in Northern Ireland into the EMVS

The European Commission with its Notice C (2020) 9264 on the Application of the Union’s pharmaceutical acquis in markets historically dependent on medicines supply from or through Great Britain from 1st...

16 Jul

EMVO News: Important reminder about Designated Wholesalers

EMVO has become aware that some OBPs are not entering the correct “Designated Wholesaler” details within their master data records.

25 Jun

Errors & Alerts

EMVO "Best Practice on Alert Handling" Guideline

Please find the link to EMVOs latest Letter of Announcement, containing their guidelines on Best Practice on Alert Handling.

26 May

EMVO News: Decommissioning of Products - Use of Correct Statuses

EMVO have been made aware that some OBPs undertake activities that are not in line with correct and compliant system use.

04 May

The Alert Management System (AMS) project - Technical Documentation and Q&As

EMVO is launching the Alert Management System (AMS) project, which ultimate goal is to maximise the efficiency of alert management in the EMVS.

02 Feb

Keep informed about the latest EMVS incidents: Subscribe to EVI

A new Letter of Announcement is available from EMVO urging everyone to subscribe to the EVI.

27 Jan

Increase in A7 Alerts

It is acknowledged that there is a significant number of A7 Alerts currently being propagated throughout the EMVS.

09 Jun


White Paper Aggregation Projects – Guidelines for OBPs

EMVO is currently undertaking a study to determine the most effective way to support the concept of aggregation/consolidation within the overall EMVS system.

02 Apr


Consequences of Data Withdrawal & Batch recall

2nd April 2020EMVO would like to stress out once again the consequences following Product Withdrawal and Batch recall.