Top Tips
  • If a pack gives an error, Do Not rescan until you know the cause!

  • Verify your scanner and software configuration with the SecurMed scanner check pack initiative; click  here for more details.

  • Familiarise yourself with the scope of FMD. See our  Useful Links page. 

  • Do not scan non-FMD packs. Link to article regarding FMD packs found  here.

  • Use the VERIFY function if you need to find out the status of the pack.

  • For Wholesalers – remember, bulks do not trigger IMTs.

  • Your UKNI MVS account will lock after 3 failed password attempts.   Contact us to unlock your account.

  • If you get a 403 Error, this means there is no valid Certificate installed or it has expired. 

  • Email us at  [email protected] for any UKNI MVS account access queries e.g. lost password, locked account, certificate expired.