Alert Management

When using the UKNI MVS to scan prescription medicines, various errors may occur. Errors are classified as Level 1-4 Exceptions and Level 5 Exceptions (Alerts).

Level 5 Alerts relate to Pack level errors which will manifest when the Pack is scanned and will generate an Alert if the data submitted is not correct and does not match the data stored in the UKNI MVS.

What should you do when receiving an Alert?

All Alerts should be investigated at source, to ensure in the first instance, that the scanning hardware and FMD software is functioning correctly to ensure that the correct data has been submitted. This data should match the Human Readable information on the Pack next to the 2D Data Matrix Barcode.

If the data does not match, this may indicate either a scanning or a software issue.

The most common scanning issues include lowercase characters or additional characters in either the Batch ID or Serial Number.

  1. Lowercase characters are caused by CAPSLOCK being turned on, on the keyboard where the scanner is attached.
    Ensure CAPSLOCK is turned off before scanning.
    Note: On rare occasions the MAH may have encoded the 2D Barcode with lowercase characters and the human readable data should indicate this.
  2. Additional characters are caused by the software not identifying and splitting the data elements correctly from the data scanned. This usually manifests as part of the GTIN, Serial Number or Batch ID being added to the end of the Batch or Serial Number.
    End Users should contact their Software Supplier to check their software is configured correctly before continuing to scan.

If the data does match the human readable data, this could mean there is a problem with the Pack or with the data uploaded by the MAH to the UKNI MVS. In these instances the End User should follow local procedures before dispensing the Pack.

Additional Help to Manage Alerts

For help managing Alerts, SecurMed is using the NMVS Alert Management System (AMS).

For more information go to this page:  NMVS Alert Management System (AMS)

To help users of the UKNI MVS verify their Falsified Medicine Directive (FMD) software and scanner is set up correctly and avoid false-positive errors, SecurMed also provide Scanner Check Packs, which will help with the identification of potential genuine cases of falsified medicines.

For more information, including a link to download a single page guide with 2D barcodes, go to this page: Scanner Check Packs

Alert Types

The table below details the Level 5 exceptions (Alerts) generated by the UKNI MVS.

For each exception the table lists the Return Code, the Description text and the Short Description text.

The Description or the Short Description will be returned to the user by the MVS alongside the Return Code depending on which interface is in use and in relation to software, what the Software Supplier has programmed the software to display.

Error Code

Return Code


Short Description



Failed to find Batch Number

Unknown Batch Number



Expiry Date does not match Batch Number

Expiry Date mismatch



The Batch Number does not match Pack Serial Number

Batch Number mismatch



Pack Serial Number not recognised

Unknown Pack Serial Number



Undo attempt doesn’t match the Pack status

Undo Status mismatch



Status is already set on pack

Invalid Status change



Pack is already inactive

Invalid Status change



Status change could not be performed

Status change could not be performed.