Scanner Check Packs

The Scanner Check Packs are designed to help users of the UKNI MVS to verify their Falsified Medicine Directive (FMD) software and scanner set up and avoid false-positive errors. This will save considerable inconvenience to the end user, and help with the identification of potential genuine cases of falsified medicines.

The Scanner Check Packs work as follows:

  1. SecurMed has uploaded the pack data for the Scanner Check packs onto the UKNI MVS.
  2. The unique bar codes for the Scanner Check Packs have been uploaded into the UKNI MVS. 
  3. At the start of each working day, (or at a frequency of your choice) you scan the 2 barcodes on the laminate, to verify that your scanner and software are reading and submitting the barcode data correctly.
  4. If the pack is not found on the UKNI MVS, you will know that the data submitted from your scan did not match the data in the UKNI MVS and therefore either your scanner or software has an issue.

A single page laminate with the bar codes can be downloaded as a PDF here.