Software Suppliers

Software Suppliers provide FMD software which has been developed, tested and approved using the Software Development Kit provided by our IT Service Partner, Arvato Systems and also approved as fit for purpose by SecurMed.

Software Suppliers who wish to develop software for FMD can register on the NMVS Software Supplier Portal, where they will also find all the details regarding the SDK and how to test their software.

All End User locations must use FMD software to create a connection to the UKNI MVS, which will enable them to Verify and Decommission prescription medicines.

Whilst all software from different Software Suppliers must meet the requirements and operate in accordance with the Delegated Regulations, how the software functions in regard to user interface and useability, and the range of transaction types will vary according to each supplier. 

End Users should select an appropriate software according to their Location type as Wholesalers can perform Bulk Pack transactions whilst other End User Locations (Community Pharmacies, Hospitals and GPS) can only perform Single Pack transactions.

For those organisations who do not have an IT Software Suppliers, or who seek to find companies providing solutions, SecurMed has published a List of Software Suppliers. Each of these suppliers has previously registered for the Arvato SDK and has requested to be a part of SecurMed’s published list. This is not a definitive list of all IT Software Suppliers who designing end user solutions.