Bulk Transactions do not Trigger Intermarket (IMT) Transactions

When a pack is scanned, the Product Not Found (NMVS_NC_PC_01) exception is sometimes returned. This is because the product has not been loaded to the UKNI MVS, however, it may have been loaded to an MVS in another country.

Some transaction types automatically search for these non-UK packs using Intermarket Transactions (IMT) but some do NOT.

If Bulk Pack transaction types are used for non-UK packs, they will generate this type of exception.


1 – Software should be designed to follow this logical flow:

2 – Provide meaningful responses back to End User regarding any exceptions returned.


FD-002 Implementation Guideline NMVS BP and the Functional Specification NMVS_ BP provide full details of the operation of Bulk Pack transaction types, i.e. G1x5 (G115, G125, G135 etc.) and Single Pack transaction types, i.e. G1x0 (G110, G120, G130 etc.)