Will Manufacturers and Wholesalers be able to see data on Products I have dispensed?

No. The Delegated Regulation asserts that all parties that are connected to the repositories system, including Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Pharmacies, have sole responsibility, ownership and access to any data that they generate themselves.

This data is not shared with any other parties, other than the National Competent Authority, where necessary.

The only exception is the Status (active/inactive) of the products’ unique identifiers (UIs), which are available to any party that has a relevant Pack in their possession and is therefore able to perform a Verify on that Pack.

Each NMVS will maintain an audit trail of when and where product information was uploaded and accessed, and where and when UIs are Decommissioned. This data cannot be shared with other parties, other than with the written permission of the data owner.

The only exception is when there is an investigation into an incident of potential falsification.