Annual Legitimacy Checks

Ensuring the Legitimacy of End Users Accessing the UKNI MVS

SecurMed is obliged to fulfil its ongoing obligations as defined in the FMD Delegated Regulation Article 37(b), to enable and restrict access to the NMVS to legitimate users. The scope relates to existing End User records, subsequent to their creation during onboarding.

To fulfil this obligation, SecurMed undertakes legitimacy checks for all End User records on an annual basis, no earlier than 12 months and no later than 18 months since the date of creation of the initial end user record, or subsequent date of a legitimacy check.

SecurMed will check all locations against the data held by the relevant Registration Body (e.g. NI Direct, PSNI, EUDRA), provided at the point of registration by the End User. 

If the location is found on the Registration Body and matches the data held by SecurMed, the location is deemed to be legitimate. SecurMed will also request confirmation of the contact details held for receipt of notifications from the UKNI MVS, and confirmation of the software supplier used for FMD access.

If the location cannot be found on the relevant Registration Body, SecurMed will make best endeavours to contact the location to verify its legitimacy. We will utilise the contacts provided at the point of onboarding, attempting contact via email and ‘phone, and if that fails, use public records as available, e.g. company website, Companies House. We will continue to attempt to make contact over a six-week period.

If contact is successful and changes need to be made to the End User Location’s details, then we will ask for this information to be provided to us via email from a verifiable email address, so that we can update our records accordingly.

If no contact can be made with the End User Location, and there is no record of the location on the Registration Body, then the End User Location will be disconnected from the UKNI MVS, in line with the End User obligations set out in your End User License Agreement.

If you would like any more information, please contact us at  [email protected]