Two Year Certificate Expiry

UKNI Medicines Verification users may receive system generated emails advising their certificate will expire soon and requesting them to download a new certificate. Users will be unable to access the UKNI MVS if the existing certificate expires.

Some users do not know their password and are therefore unable to download the new certificate.

To access the UKNI Medicines Verification System users require a username, password and a digital certificate; the certificate is valid for 2 years. From around 2 months before the certificate expires, the UKNI MVS generates a series of emails to prompt downloading and installing a new certificate which will be valid for a further 2 years.

  • The initial email is sent 60 days prior to the expiry.

Subject: [UK MVS] Reminder – your certificate will expire in 60 days

This email contains:

  • the link required to download the new certificate
  • the TAN which is needed to retrieve the certificate
  • the username of the associated MVS account

You can download and install the new certificate within 60 days of receipt of this email. You will need the information in the email AND your existing password.

  • Daily reminder emails begin 30 days prior to the expiry of your certificate.

Subject: [UK MVS] Reminder – your certificate will expire in X days

This email contains:

  • The username of the associated MVS account
What do you need to do?

If your Software Supplier manages your credentials for you:

  • Contact your software supplier for assistance.

If you manage your own credentials:

  • Install the new certificate on all devices you use to access the UKNI MVS.
  • A step-by-step guide is available: Quick Start Guide
What if I don’t know my UKNI MVS password?

SecurMed do not have access to your password. We recommend you contact your software supplier before requesting a password reset as they may need to update your software with the new password you set. Your account will lock if you attempt to access the UKNI MVS using an invalid password.

On request, SecurMed can provide a single use password, which you must change the first time it is used.

For further assistance contact: [email protected]