NMVS Upgrade – NMVS Release Core 2.0

Deployment to the UKNI NMVS: 26-Apr-2023

The release is substantially a maintenance release delivering no new functionality to users of the system.

Note that whilst the version number shows a major release, there are no new features for end-users.

Related Information

We remind UKNI MVS users and software suppliers that NMVS Core 1.10 release, deployed on 02-Jun-2022, delivered a new web services interface, interface v5. The existing v4 interface that was delivered with the Core 1.10 release will be deactivated with the Core 3.0 release in Autumn 2023 (Sep-Oct).  All users will need to migrate to the v5 interface by that release.

Please refer to the following articles:

Web Services v5 Interface

Web Services Interface v4 – Deactivation

Note that the v4 interface was previously planned to be turned off on 31-Jul-2023 but this has been rescheduled to coincide with the Core 3.0 release.