NMVS Upgrade – NMVS Release Core 3.0

Deployment to the UKNI NMVS: 18-Oct-2023

New Functionality

NMVS Core 3.0 delivers new functionality to warn a user that their scanner may be misconfigured, helping to resolve two common issues which raise false-positive alerts:

  • The scanner may be configured incorrectly resulting in the case of any letters scanned being inverted.
  • The keyboard of the attached PC has CAPS LOCK on and this inverts the case of letters scanned in the same way as it inverts the case of letters typed on the keyboard.

When the above occurs, the batch and/or serial number are sent to the NMVS with the incorrect case and the pack cannot be identified. Normally this results in an alert.

From Core 3.0, if the pack is identified by the NMVS with inverted case the transaction will succeed and the user will instead receive a warning message that their scanner may be misconfigured, as follows:

Warning! UPPERCASE-lowercase issue. Check Scanner configuration or Turn CAPS LOCK off.

Other than the new Scanner Check functionality, this release is substantially a maintenance release delivering no other new functionality to users of the system.

Related Information

The v4 end-user interface will be deactivated concurrent with the Core 3.0 deployment to the UKNI NMVS. The v4 interface was replaced by the v5 interface with the Core 1.10 release in June 2022. SecurMed has been actively working with all software suppliers to ensure the end user software will connect to the new v5 interface.