Software Suppliers

10 Mar

FMD NMVS Alert Codes

The table below details the Level 5 exceptions (Alerts) generated by the UKNI MVS.

17 Nov

Preparing for EU Exit - End User Disconnection for GB Countries

Intended AudienceSoftware Suppliers Date of Change16 November 2020 SituationFollowing the formal departure of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU) on 31st January 2020, the UK entered into a Transition...

02 Nov

Certificate and Password Management Issues

Intended AudienceSoftware Suppliers Date of Change30 October 2020 SituationAn End User cannot access the UKNI MVS as they do not know the password and/or do not have the certificate, because their Software...

02 Nov

Password Reset by SecurMed

Intended AudienceSoftware Suppliers and End Users Date of Change30 October 2020 SituationThe latest release of the NMVS has introduced improved password reset functionality for SecurMed, which will help to resolve access issues...

19 Oct

Release 1.08 Go Live 21 October 2020

Intended AudienceSoftware Suppliers Issue Date19 October 2020 SituationNMVS Core R1. 08 is to be deployed to Production Environment overnight between 20-21 October 2020. Background Core Release 1.

18 Sep

Bulk Transactions do not trigger Intermarket Transactions

Intended AudienceSoftware Suppliers to Wholesaler End Users. Date of Change18 September 2020 SituationWhen a pack is scanned, the Product Not Found (NMVS_NC_PC_01) exception is sometimes returned.

01 Jul

Release 1.08: New Endpoint for Systematic Certificate Renewal

Intended AudienceSoftware Suppliers Date01 July 2020 SituationUser certificates are valid for 2 years and will start to expire from Autumn 2020, with large numbers expiring in Q1 2021.

30 Jun

What is an AMPP code and how can I identify it?

Date of Change30 June 2020 The Actual Medicinal Product Pack (AMPP) code has been defined as the NHRN for the UK.

18 May

Configuration Guidance v2

Intended AudienceEnd Users and Software Suppliers Date of Change20 August 2019 ConfigurationsThe UKNI MVS has a small number of configuration parameters that differ from the default configuration of the Arvato NMVS Blueprint...

18 May

Scanner Configuration Issues

Intended AudienceEnd Users and Software Suppliers Date20 March 2020 SituationUsers of FMD scanning solutions should only employ a scanner which has been recommended by their software supplier, to ensure compatibility with their...