Software Suppliers

11 Aug

Preparing for EU Exit

Intended Audience: Software Suppliers Date of Change: 01 August 2020 Situation Following the formal departure of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU) on 31st January 2020, the UK entered into a Transition...

01 Jul

Release 1.08: New Endpoint for Systematic Certificate Renewal

Intended Audience Software Suppliers Date 01 July 2020 Situation User certificates are valid for 2 years and will start to expire from Autumn 2020, with large numbers expiring in Q1 2021....

30 Jun

What is an AMPP code and how can I identify it?

Date of Change 30 June 2020 The Actual Medicinal Product Pack (AMPP) code has been defined as the NHRN for the UK.

18 May

Configuration Guidance v2

Intended Audience: End Users and Software Suppliers Date of Change: 20 August 2019 Configurations: The UK MVS has a small number of configuration parameters that differ from the default configuration of the Arvato NMVS Blueprint...

18 May

Scanner Configuration Issues

Intended Audience: End Users and Software Suppliers Date: 20 March 2020 Situation: Users of FMD scanning solutions should only employ a scanner which has been recommended by their software supplier, to ensure compatibility with their...

18 May

India Pack Coding

Please download this article from Excellis Europe below.

18 May

Invalid Date Errors

Intended Audience: Software Suppliers Situation: The UK MVS receives web service transactions that have badly formed XML for pack expiry date.

18 May

Certificate Error in Google Chrome Browser

Intended Audience: End Users, Help Desk and Software Suppliers Situation: Using the Google Chrome browser, on selecting the Certificate to access the UK MVS an error is displayed: ERR_SSL_CLIENT_AUTH_CERT_NO_PRIVATE_KEY Background: Access to the UK MVS requires...

18 May

Certificate and Password Management Issues

Intended Audience: Software Suppliers Date of Change: 20 August 2019 Situation: An End User cannot access the UK MVS as they do not know the password and/or do not have the certificate, because their...

18 May

MVS Roadmap 2020 Release 1.06

Intended Audience: End-Users and Software Suppliers Date of Change: 27 November 2019 Situation: The Roadmap for components of the EMVS continues to develop.