UK MVS End Users

11 Aug

Password Issue

Forgotten password

If you do not know your password, you can use the reset password function found in the UK MVS GUI.

04 Aug

Changes to End User Account

Change of address / ownership / software or contact details

Please inform SecurMed UK of any change in End User account details. Please click on the appropriate link below for further information. a change of location, i.

03 Aug


Request UK MVS End User Access

To satisfy their obligations under the Delegated Regulation (DR) community pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, Doctors, GPs/ health centres and pharmaceutical wholesalers are required to verify and authenticate medicines as they travel...

02 Aug

Certificate TAN

How to download your Certificate

If you're ready to log in to the UK MVS, you will first need to download your certificate.

01 Aug

Certificate TAN

How to install your Certificate

Please make sure you have downloaded your certificate before attempting the installation process. We have created a video to explain the process for you.    Certificate Installation  

31 Jul

Log onto UK MVS

How to log on to the UK MVS for the first time

Please make sure you have downloaded and installed your certificate before attempting to log onto the UK MVS for the first time.