Quick Start Guide - Step 1 - Certificate Download

Ready to log in to the UK MVS?  Please follow the links to instructions below.

You will need your initial credentials issued by SecurMed:

  • Username and Password (you will be prompted to change your initial password the first time you log on to the UK MVS)
  • Software (TAN) Code – A short code which works in unison with the Username and Password to access the UK MVS

We have created videos to explain the processes for you.  By clicking on the Play button below, you can watch and listen before you begin.

STEP 1 - Download Certificate

  1. Click Certificate Portal url
  2. Log in using Username and Password
  3. Click on Certificate Download in the top menu
  4. Enter the TAN code where requested
  5. Click on Download Certificate
  6. Write down Passphrase provided in the Pop-up window
  7. Record your Passphrase in a safe place (if you need to download the certificate onto other hardware)

Need help?

If you are experiencing difficulties or require further support with your registration, please contact the SecurMed Service Desk

These instructions are for PC users only. If you are  a MAC user, please read our Initial Production MVS Setup Guidelines for directions on how to continue.

Once STEP 1 is complete, go to STEP 2.

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I have forgotten my Password. How do I reset it?

We recommend you contact your software supplier in the first instance, as they may have a record of your existing password, or provide the functionality to reset it. You can use the reset password function found in the UK MVS GUI.

End User Registration Guidance

Registration is a simple and easy process.

I am having a problem logging onto my FMD software. What should I do?

If you have successfully logged onto the UK MVS but are having a problem logging onto your FMD software, please contact your Software Supplier.

I have tried to reset my Password but have not received the reset email. What should I do?

Your reset email has been sent to the UK MVS contact email address you provided at End User Registration. Please check the Junk folder. If you provided the email address of your Software Supplier, please contact them to retrieve the reset email.

How long is my UK MVS Certificate available to download?

The UK MVS Certificate is only available for download for 60 days. Please store a local copy with your Password.

How can I prevent my UK MVS account being locked?

Your UK MVS account will be automatically locked if you try to access the system using an incorrect Password three times.