EU Hub Release 1.10: Deployment date for PRD

Based on the successful results of the Interoperability Test (IOT), EMVO confirms the official deployment date of Release 1.10 of the EU Hub in PRD: 

  •    Release 1.10 will be ready for use in PRD at 02:00 (CET) on 5th December 2021.
  •    There is a two-window planned downtime associated with the deployment: 
  1.    The first downtime will begin at 00:00 (CET) on 4th December and end at 02:00 (CET) on 4th December.
  2.    The second downtime will begin at 20:00 (CET) on 4th December and end at 02:00 (CET) on 5th December.


For the full Letter of Announcement please download the PDF