EU Hub Release 1.8: Deployment dates and deadline to update your IP address

EMVO can now officially announce Release 1.8 of the EU Hub.

This Release will bring the following functional changes:

New features:

  • Propagation of the following additional alerts to the OBPs:
    • A7: Pack Already in Requested State.
    • A24: Status Change Could Not be Performed.
    • A68: Batch Number Mismatch.
  • Increased robustness of the EU Hub, to ensure uninterrupted performance even under heavy usage, such as:
    • Improved distribution of Callbacks to OBPs.
    • Reliable processing times to write audit data necessary to generate reports.
  • Creation of new logging and monitoring tools that will facilitate EMVO’s support to OBPs in case of technical issues.
  • Upgrade of the development .NET framework to the latest version.

Bug fixes:

  • The EU Hub will respond with a callback in the following scenarios:
    • When an OBP verifies a pack and a National System is not responding to the request.
    • When a Parallel Distributor requests an S5.1 Repacking Report for a Batch that has no associated repack buffer.
  • The EU Hub will only accept GS1 compliant characters for the Batch ID field.
  • If an OBP uploads the PMD for two Product Codes with the same MAH information simultaneously, both requests will be processed successfully.

Other important information:

  1. Release 1.8 will retire the 2016.1 OBP Interface Schema.
  2. Prior to Release 1.8, the Outbound IP addresses (EU Hub to OBP) will be adapted:
    • in the IQE environment on the 6th October 2020
    • in the PRD environment on the 16th October 2020

Please ensure that you update your whitelist with the new static IP address for each environment at least one day prior to the above dates.

For more information on the above, please consult EMVO's previous communication.

Planned deployment dates for Release 1.8:

  • The deployment in ITE is planned for Monday 5th October 2020, starting at 08:00 AM CEST. A planned downtime window of approx. 16 hours is foreseen.
  • The deployment in IQE is planned on Friday 30th October 2020, starting at 08:00 AM CEST. A planned downtime window of approx. 16 hours is foreseen.
  • The deployment in PRD is planned for December 2020; the exact date will be communicated in due course as it will depend on the outcome of the Interoperability testing.

Note: Several days before each deployment, the environments will be technically prepared. During these preparations the EU Hub will remain operable.

EMVO will also communicate once Release 1.8 has been successfully deployed in ITE and IQE.

Should you have further questions about this release, please do not hesitate to contact the EMVO Helpdesk.