Release 1.8: Change to “A99 – Possible counterfeit” code in the header

EMVO wants to provide further clarification regarding the change on alert propagation configuration, which is in scope of Release 1.8.

As stated in the URS Part IV v3.0, the EU Hub needs to propagate to OBPs all alerts classified as Level 5 that it receives from the National Systems: A2, A3, A52, A7, A24 and A68. This new modification means that OBPs can now identify specific alerts in the header (making it more granular and quicker to detect) instead of showing the generic “A99 – Possible counterfeit” code as illustrated on this page: EMVO: Letter of Announcement (

After Release 1.8, the alert message will always contain an A* code (as described above), independently of which National System has triggered the alert. EMVO would like to stress that neither the interface nor API is changing. Only the value sent in the message header will change from A99 into the actual exception as raised by the end- user.

In the event of any questions or uncertainty, please do not hesitate to contact the EMVO Helpdesk.