NMVS Release 1.09 – 29 September 2021

Intended Audience

Software Suppliers

Issue Date

23 July 2021 (updated 23-Sep-2021)


In September this year the UKNI MVS will be updated to Arvato NMVS version 1.09 and the release will bring one minor change that may affect UKNI MVS Software Suppliers. The sender address of emails from the UKNI MVS will be changed as follows:

Current sender address:  nmvs-inte-uk-messages@arvato-systems.de

New sender address:  nmvs-inte-uk-messages@nmvs.eu

If you are managing your customers’ NMVS credentials and you filter by sender address or domain, please ensure you update your system to accommodate the changed email address.

The release will be deployed on 29-Sep-2021 commencing at 20:00 or soon after.  A short outage of the NMVS will occur.

This release does not introduce any other user affecting changes.

If you have any questions relating to this change, please contact SecurMed Technical Services.