Password Reset by SecurMed

Intended Audience

Software Suppliers and End Users

Date of Change

30 October 2020


The latest release of the NMVS has introduced improved password reset functionality for SecurMed, which will help to resolve access issues when the End User does not know their current password and the certificate is not installed locally.


A situation may arise where the End User has lost or forgotten their password and needs to perform a password reset. To successfully perform this activity in the NMVS GUI, the user certificate must be installed to the local device. If the certificate is not installed, the End User is unable to access the NMVS GUI and therefore the self-service password reset function is not available to them.


SecurMed can now reset a user's password and set a new one-time password. On first use, the user will be prompted to change the password to one of their own choosing.

Note that once the new password has been set by the user, this new password will need to be updated in the users NMVS software.

End Users who are unable to perform a password reset using the self-service functionality and require a password reset should register a support request at


End Users should use the self-service function available from the NMVS GUI where possible, which requires the certificate to be installed to the local device.

If the certificate is not installed locally and the password is reset by SecurMed, the one-time password will need to be changed on first use in the software. Software should be developed to allow the End User to enter and change a one-time password.

Note: Setting a one-time password is equivalent to resetting the account back to the initial state when the account was first created.