MVS Roadmap 2020 Release 1.06

Intended Audience: End-Users and Software Suppliers

Date of Change: 27 November 2019

Situation: The Roadmap for components of the EMVS continues to develop. As we move into 2020 we are updating this bulletin to provide advance warning to End-users and their software providers, such that they can make effective preparations. A new version of the MVS software (Core R1.06) will be released in Q1 2020 designed to work with new versions of the EU-Hub and other national MVSs to improve the End-user experience.

Background: The UK MVS will be upgraded to:

  • With this release, a new interface, v4, will be deployed and the v2 interface of the MVS will be retired:
    • End-user connections via software using the v2 interface will no longer work
    • SecurMed UK is working with software suppliers to ensure that users are migrated to a version of their solution compatible with this change.
  • Improvements to reduce Alerts:
    • Alert messages will no longer be distributed when a product is not found in the system. The system will still generate an exception NMVS_NC_PC_01 ‘Product not found’
    • A ‘Whitelist’ of batches that have not been (or will not be) uploaded to the MVS will be excluded from NMVS_FE_LOT_03 ‘Batch not found’ Alerts
      • In the v3 interface an existing return code NMVS_NC_PC_06 ‘Product code not available in the system (no alert)’ will be returned. No alert will be raised.
      • In the v4 interface a new return code NMVS_NC_PC_15 identifies that the corresponding batch was found on the list. No alert will be raised.
  • Technical Improvements:
    • The G101 Product Master Data download, will be paginated to improve performance. Each page, limited to 10,000 entries per page, will be downloaded separately.


  1. End-users should be aware and prepare to revise their Standard Operating Procedure(s) (SOPs) to incorporate the changes to the Alert codes being received.
  2. Software providers should complete upgrading solutions still using the v2 interface
    • A stepwise process of development must be employed. It is not possible to skip an interface i.e. v2 >> v4, as the NMVS only supports two concurrent interfaces.
  3. Software providers should plan to develop their software to connect using the v4 interface
    • Perform a new software baseline test against v4
    • Communicate any changes in their software to impacted End-users
    • Migrate End-users to the new solution over the following 3-6 months
  4. Software providers should monitor the NMVS Software Supplier Portal for changes to the SDK, the SecurMed UK website and the EMVO website
  5. Software Providers (and others) can subscribe to the EMVS Information service (EVI) at where they will be notified of any planned downtime (or other service degradation).