Forgotten password

If you do not know your password, you can use the reset password function found in the UK MVS GUI.

To use this function the following need to apply:

  • Your UK MVS Certificate must be installed locally on the computer used to access the UK MVS GUI
  • You have access to the email address the reset password link will be sent to (sent to the UK MVS contact).

On the UK MVS GUI, type in your Username then click Reset Password beneath the log in box, which will send an email with a reset password link, to the UK MVS contact.

Screen shot of UK MVS GUI - Reset Password

Follow the link in the email and where prompted, enter a new Password (minimum of 10 characters; to include at least one special character, one number and one capital letter).

If you have not received your password reset email link, please click here.

Please ensure you notify your software supplier of the change in password to enable all hardware and software to be updated.

Do not attempt to scan medicines until these updates are complete, or the account will become locked.  If your account becomes locked, please contact us to unlock your account.