Change of outbound IP addresses

23rd April 2020

The outbound IP addresses of the EU Hub can dynamically change when Microsoft renews key major components within their infrastructure. Neither EMVO nor SSR have any control over this activity which can occur for multiple reasons including system expansion, component failure and system optimisation.

As a result, OBPs using these IP addresses within security device rule sets, e.g. firewall devices may find that the rules set in these devices actively prevent ongoing connection with the European Hub.  EMVO also provides the end point information in the form of URLs which will not change and thus OBPs using URLs within security device rule sets have not been affected.

For this reason, all OBPs have been previously advised to use and reference European Hub end point URLs instead of absolute IP addresses.  

Please review your internal set up and ensure that should an outbound IP address change, you will not be adversely affected.

In the event of any questions or uncertainty, please do not hesitate to contact our Helpdesk:  

Tel. Helpdesk: +32 (0)2 657 00 08