OBP/MAH Security

6th September 2019

EMVO has become aware of several recent and malicious attempts to gain financial and other sensitive information from OBPs under the alleged auspices of the EMVS. This follows additional attempts linked to invoices which have previously been sent to some MAHs, allegedly from the addresses of some NMVOs and potentially from EMVO.  

EMVO therefore reminds all OBPs to be cautious with invoices and requests for financial and all other information linked to the EMVS, which they receive. 

It goes without saying that as the EMVS contains and exchanges sensitive information, all actors within it must act to ensure that this sensitive information is not unwittingly exchanged to outside parties. 

Please let us assure you that EMVO treats information security with the utmost seriousness and in the event of any question or uncertainty, please do not hesitate to contact our Helpdesk:

Tel. Helpdesk: +372 611 90 44
E-Mail: helpdesk@emvo-medicines.eu