National Health Registration Number (AMPP) – Mandatory for the UK

Intended Audience: Onboarding Partners (OBPs) and Marketing Authorisation Holders (MAHs)

Date of Change: 30 October 2019

Situation:  With the R1.6 release of the EU-Hub due in early November 2019, the upload of a value to the NHRN field will be configured to technically enforce this for 4 countries; Austria, Germany, Portugal & Spain.

The National Health Registration Number (NHRN) is a required field for UK Product Master Data uploads but, in order to allow OBPs and MAHs time to source the relevant the AMPP codes from the dm+d, SecurMed has determined this will NOT be enforced with this release of the EU-Hub. Subject to agreement with EMVO, AMPP codes will be technically enforced in a forthcoming release of the EU-Hub.

Background:  The Actual Medicinal Product Pack (AMPP) code has been defined as the NHRN for the UK. AMPP codes (mapping to GTIN product codes) are generated by the NHS dm+d database and consist of numbers typically 16 or 17 digits with a permitted length between 6 and 18 digits. Currently any value up to 40 characters can be entered in the NHRN field but no value (0 characters) is permitted. In a forthcoming release this will be configured to require a value.

The information stored in the 2D data matrix bar code includes a product code as a GS1 standard 14-digit Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN). The UK does not require a NHRN or reimbursement code adding to the data in the 2D Matrix code on the pack but does allow additional information to be included, provided this has been formally assessed as part of the marketing authorisation.

The Master Data Download (G101) transaction of the UK MVS allows download of the master data for any product or group of products. Each Product Code (GTIN) is associated with a corresponding NHRN (AMPP) code. This allows cross-referencing via a look-up to the AMPP dataset (including pricing data) maintained in the dm+d directory.

Recommendations:  MAHs and their respective OBPs should begin to prepare for the change.

For accurate, fast and reliable updating of licensed medicines on dm+d, many companies prefer to use the eMC ‘In Demand’ portal (owned by DataPharm).

Alternatively, you can choose to liaise with the NHSBSA MEDS Data Team by Email: or telephone: +44(0)191 203 5289.

For further information please download the bulletin.