What is an AMPP code and how can I identify it?

Date of Change

30 June 2020

The Actual Medicinal Product Pack (AMPP) code has been defined as the NHRN for the UK. AMPP codes (mapping to GTIN product codes) are generated by the NHS dm+d database and consist of numbers typically 16 or 17 digits with a permitted length between 6 and 18 digits.


With the R1.6 release of the EU-Hub deployed in December 2019, the upload of a value to the NHRN field was configured to technically enforce this for 4 countries; Austria, Germany, Portugal & Spain.

The National Health Registration Number (NHRN) is a required field for UK Product Master Data uploads. For the present SecurMed has decided NOT to enforce NHRN upload.

A determination will be made at an appropriate time in the future and subject to agreement with EMVO, the change would be deployed with a future release of the EU-Hub.

Further details are provided in the Technical Bulletin:

Technical Bulletin: AMPP Codes