FAQs on Alerts Portal for MAHs

As an MAH I do not have a recent alert ID to submit. Would it be possible to register?

You can register using an alert on one of your GTINs / products from the past six weeks. The alert can be any type.  Please click on the link here to register.

If you don't have an alert, email us at alerts@securmed.org.uk.

Are there any required timelines for responding to new alerts added to the Portal?

MAHs are encouraged to upload their root cause analysis results / updates overnight so when end users access the Portal on the following day, they will see your information and process the packs accordingly.

Will the Portal be used after Brexit?

The Portal is for end users in the entire UK up to the 31st December 2020.

From 1st January 2021 onwards, the Portal will be for end users in Northern Ireland only. End users in Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales together with the Crown Dependencies of Isle of Man and Channel Islands) will be disconnected from the UK National Medicines Verification.

As an MAH we would like to stay with the email process. Using many different alert tools around the EU is a lot of manual work for us, as we have our own automated tool to evaluate all European alerts.

SecurMed has implemented an automated process to replace the laborious and slower manual email process. Until there is a centralised tool, the UK has developed its own interim solution to aid the resolution / investigation of alerts. The Portal is crucial to help OBPs/MAHs and end users to automate alert screening and resolve quickly the high alert volumes they experience in the UK.

Is it currently a requirement for MAHs to record alert investigations in this Portal, as opposed to MAHs' internal systems?

The Portal is designed to facilitate OBPs/MAHs fulfilling their obligations under the Delegated Regulation to verify the authenticity of packs. The purpose of the Portal is to aid MAHs and end users to resolve quickly recent alerts and update each side with information.

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How do I progress the analysis of Alerts?

ThisĀ PortalĀ enables Pharmacists and Wholesalers to collaborate (anonymously, if preferred) with Manufacturers to identify the cause of an alert and the actions required to resolve it.