Register as an End User

Please read our End User Registration Guidance first.

To register, please read our guidance below and the End User Licence Agreement (EULA) carefully. For more detailed information, please see our End User Registration Process Overview.

Before you begin the registration process, please have the following information at hand:

  • Name of organisation/company (legal entity)  
  • End User Location (full address and postcode)
  • End User Location Function(s)
  • Professional or sectoral body for the Location (e.g. CQC) and registration ID
  • Name, email and phone number for the End User Location Contact
  • Name, email and phone number for the MVS contact
  • Your Software Supplier, software name and version

First, please visit the SecurMed Portal and create an account for the Requestor.  The Requestor can then sign in and begin either the Single or Bulk Registration process.

Single Registration
If you have up to five End User Locations, we recommend that you complete a Single Registration for each.  

Bulk Registration
Use for five or more multiple locations for the same legal entity, using the Bulk Registration spreadsheet . This process differs slightly due to Bulk Import Spreadsheet the amount of data SecurMed are required to verify and process. 

Your Bulk Registration file will be stored securely within our system and we will check the data entered for formatting and data integrity. Our customer service team will then contact you within 10-15 working days to confirm the next steps, including an expected timeline, and how and where we will deliver your credentials. 

Multiple Functions
If your End User Location performs more than one Function, such as a Pharmacy and a Wholesaler, you will need to register each Function separately as individual End User Locations.

For more information please refer to the End User Registration Process Overview.

Note: If you are registering on behalf of an End User Location, you need to ensure that you are authorised to accept the EULA by the entity you are registering. Failure to gain suitable authorisation may mean that you are personally liable for any breaches of the EULA by the entity going forward.

Your data is held in full compliance with GDPR. If you have any questions, please see our full Privacy Notice

What happens next?

Under the FMD regulations, SecurMed are required to check that the End User Locations entered are authorised Locations for dispensing medicine. 

Your registration will be processed within 10-15 working days. If there are any issues with your registration, we will email you outlining the problems. Once these are resolved, your registration will proceed.

Once your registration is verified, the following access credentials will be sent to you via email and post within 10-15 days:

  • Your Username and Password – via post to the End User Location Contact address
  • Your Software (TAN) Code to download your UK MVS Certificate – via email to the address of the Requestor 

Please contact the SecurMed Service Desk if you have not received these details or been contacted within 15 working days of submission.

You will need both communications to validate your registration and enable access to the UK MVS.

Once you’ve received all three components, please go to our detailed First Login - Quick start guides which contain all the information, complete with videos, you will need.  You can also read our simple Initial MVS Setup Guidelines to get started and log into the UK MVS. 

Web browser

We recommend the following browsers when using the SecurMed Portal:

  • Microsoft Edge (aka Internet Explorer 12)
  • Internet Explorer 10 and 11
  • Safari (latest version, Mac only)
  • Chrome (latest version)
  • Firefox (latest version)

If you’re using a browser that is listed above but are still experiencing an issue, try turning off your browser extensions and adding the SecurMed Portal to your browser’s trusted sites.

To start your registration, please visit the SecurMed Portal by clicking on the link below.

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To register for the FMD Safety Features newsletter, or for any queries about the FMD, please contact the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

I have forgotten my Password. How do I reset it?

Your UK MVS Certificate must be installed locally to be able to reset your Password. You can only reset your Password using the UK MVS GUI.

End User Registration Guidance

Registration is a simple and easy process.

I am having a problem logging onto my FMD software. What should I do?

If you have successfully logged onto the UK MVS but are having a problem logging onto your FMD software, please contact your Software Supplier.

I have tried to reset my Password but have not received the reset email. What should I do?

Your reset email has been sent to the UK MVS contact email address you provided at End User Registration. This email is sent directly from the UK MVS and not SecurMed UK.   Please also check the Junk folder.

How long is my UK MVS Certificate available to download?

The UK MVS Certificate is only available for download for 60 days. Please store a local copy with your Password.